Never Fucking Wet

Have you seen this shit yet?

  • Superhydrophobic

    NeverWet makes any surface superhydrophobic which is the best kind of hydrophobic. It makes your shit scared of liquids.

  • Base Coat

    Spray your liquid loving surfaces with step one, the base coat, and wait for it to dry (it's quick).

  • Top Coat

    Now hit that shit with the second step, the top coat. Once it sets, you're never wet.

  • Bam! You're Ready

    The world is over 70% water, thats no problem when your shit is covered in NeverWet.

I put this shit on our satellite dish and now my 16 and Pregnant marathons aren't interrupted by the fucking rain.
I sprayed the toilet seat at my house and now I don't have to aim as much and my mom is off my back.
I sprayed all of my gear with this the night before a big protest and those fucking pig's water cannons didn't stand a chance.
I'm 12 years old and even I know NeverWet is fucking awesome. Also, I think that is my dad's secret nickname for my mom.
This got me first place in my Girl Scout troop's annual paintball tournament. Don't fucking tell anybody
I give a set to all my lady friends. When you eye fuck as good as I do, it's just common courtesy.